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Yieldstreet Arts

Agency: Optimist Inc.

Client: Yieldstreet

Role: Graphic Design

Year: 2022

Yieldstreet's ARTSPARK at Frieze Los Angeles was an exclusive event that aimed to support emerging artists, featuring the unveiling of Saya Woolfalk's impressive 40-foot "Cloud Mural." Guests were able to take home one of its 196 tiles as a keepsake.

The private gathering was catered by the renowned James Beard-nominated chef Jeffrey Nimer, providing guests with a culinary experience to remember. As part of the event's planning, I played an essential role in designing and creating all the graphics, including the menu, wall graphics, signages, and invitations.

Optimist Inc, Los Angeles

Client: Yieldstreet, New York

Chief Marketing Officer: Wittney Rachlin

Sr. Marketing Manager:Joe Sancio

Sr. Marketing Associate:Tyler DiValerio

Chief Creative Officer: Toygar Bazarkaya

Chief Executive Officer: Juergen Dold

Chief Marketing Officer: Rose Odeh

Account Director: Nadia Elkettani

Experiential Marketing Executive Producer & Strategist: Zac Blakeley

Chief Creative Officer: Toygar Bazarkaya

Account Executive: Joanna Melendez

Senior Producer: Adonis Philp

Senior Spatial Designer: Michael Brown

Spatial Designer: Chris McKay

Creative Content Director: Glenn PP Milligan

Creative Director: Ryan Bair

Graphic Designer: Mingxin Cheng

Group Account Director: Meg Baglien

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